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This is the “Painted Desert” in northwestern Arizona. The geology of this landscape is remarkable, an amazing place to visit. The varied rock layers contain different minerals which create the striking colors. The area, quite large, is well-protected, with the southern part a national parka and the northern part extending into Navajo Nation lands. This is another image that I have edited and re-edited many times. It’s difficult to get the colors – striking and bold while still appearing natural and realistic. When the air is clear and the afternoon sun is strong, the colors of the landscape are truly brilliant.

Country Store Porch, Peterborough, New Hampshire

A country store front porch in Peterborough, New Hampshire. I particularly like the reflection in the window.

New Mexico Near Ghost Ranch

This is a favorite image that I shot in New Mexico some years ago; I have reprocessed this image a number of times and just did so again, opting for color. I think this is the best version so far. This is very typical of the countryside in this part of New Mexico, not far from Santa Fe. The land on the right is part of the Ghost Ranch, the former home of the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe. This is a favorite part of the American Southwest, where I have made several photography trips.

Keyes View (Joshua Tree National Park)

This is a newly edited image from Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. The location is Keyes View, so named after the one-time owner of a farm in the area. The view is across the Coachella Valley. The Salton Sea is in the distance.

A new image I am particularly happy with…

Landscape Photographer of the Year

I don’t often post links here to other photo sites, but I do want to call attention to this remarkable collection of landscape images from the International Landscape of the Year competition.

Death Valley National Park, California. Photograph by Greg Boratyn / International Landscape Photographer of the Year.

A collection of top images is posted at The Atlantic. The Landscape Photographer of the Year competition site is here. Copyright © 2020. International Landscape Photographer of the Year.

These are some of the most striking landscape images I have seen. I find notable the near-abstract quality of many of these images, which I think provides an interesting commentary on the direction that contemporary landscape photography is taking.

The above image is by Greg Boratyn. His website is here.

Here is another selection of floral/botanical images in black and white. Black and white photography is the art of exploring the interplay between light and shadow. These floral images provide great opportunities to do so. What is fascinating is that a slight change in one parameter or another can result in a completely different – yet still realistic – image when viewed in monochrome.

Spring Blossoms
Yellow Rose

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I like to take pictures of architectural details, especially doors and windows and the like. Here is a gallery of images shot in Newport, RI. Newport is a famous resort and sailing town, historically an important seaport and today a center of yachting activity. Newport is an old colonial town, first established in 1639, and features many restored and/or well-preserved buildings. Most of the architecture reflects this heritage. These images were all shot around the town green and Trinity Church. (Click on each thumbnail for the larger image.)

Pink Azaleas

Black and white photography is about the interplay between light and shadow. With an emphasis on contrast rarely achievable in color, black and white images allow us to explore textures and patterns, especially in nature. Rather than capturing the textures in a scene, I prefer to think in terms of depicting the textures, creating a black and white image rather than merely trying to replicate in monochrome what the eye sees in color. What I especially like in working with black and white images this way is that we often can achieve something with an almost abstract quality. I think these floral images illustrate this notion.

Yellow Iris
Red Dahlias
Pacific Coast Tree

This tree was photographed on the California Pacific Ocean coast in the Big Sur, looking out towards the Pacific Ocean. The image has been a favorite of mine, but for some reason it got mislaid or misfiled or something, just turning up recently. I like the way the tree shows the effects of the coastal weather. Tree and ocean and weather are all part of one ecosystem, almost a single organism.

The old mill town, Harrisville, New Hampshire, well off the beaten path, is just about the prettiest country village in New Hampshire. Although it is not a mill any longer, time has nevertheless been kind to Harrisville.

View of Harrisville from the General Store
Harrisville, NH. The former mill, to left of Harrisville Pond, is now the home of Harrisville Yarns
Harrisville, NH. The buildings are characteristic of old New England factory/mill towns
Harrisville, NH

Harrisville is in Southern New Hampshire and is on the National Historic Register. The first mill was built in 1774, and the village was incorporated in 1870. The mill continued to operate until 1970.

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