Website Redesigned

[Update: New site links corrected.] My portfolio site at has been completely rebuilt and redesigned. I have moved from hosting at Photoshelter to hosting at Format. Actually, the move is to return to Format, which I used before trying out Photoshelter. I can recommend Format to anyone looking to build a new website. Please visit the new site and tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Website Redesigned

  1. I use Format for my website too. I researched a lot of the others and almost went with Photoshelter before finding Format. The interface is really easy and customer support great. I like that I can link tabs directly to my WordPress blog and Fine Art America store. I have my galleries organized by yearly favorites on my format website but by subject on my store.


    1. Thanks for commenting. I was on Format previously, thought Photoshelter would give me more options/control for selling. It did. But otherwise, Photoshelter is really out of date and, though they say they’re updating/upgrading, it’s taking them forever. I got tired of it, came back to Format and very happy with it.

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